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Your brand is important and getting your brand found is no easy task, or is it? With our business branding services we aim to get your website found when people search, and in turn, recognise your brand.

Fact is, marketing your online business takes time and money but the rewards can be great. We are not a branding agency as such, we specialise in setting up the right website marketing package to suit your business, and your budget, to get your website found and your brand in front of your customers..

Does one size fit all? No, if you are a small to medium size business then our starting package will suffice, we build 30 backlinks per month to your home page, it is always best to include at least one other internal page, such as your main products or service page but this is not essential to begin with.

Will these 30 links per month help? Yes, depending on how competitive your keywords are, it could take just a few weeks to see some improvement. You can start with just your home page and once you start to see how effective the backlinks are you could then add an internal page, with a discount of course.

This is a premium service and works, with have various packages available to suit any type of business, no matter how competitive your industry is.

What do we actually do? A good question, we have access to many high ranking, high authority popular website’s that we can create a page and add your link, your anchor text, for example, this is an anchor text link, website marketing, or it could just be your website address, a variety of different links is important.

Another service we offer is our master authority backlinking service, this is too extensive to list here exactly what we do but it involves writing articles and getting them listed, video’s, web2 accounts, social networking across the world, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus mentions but this is nowhere near the amount of work we do but it’s quite comprehensive. Of course, if you choose this option we will email you exact list for your information.

Website marketing will help get your company website on the first page of Google with our exclusive backlinking service and get your brand noticed. Every website has backlinks and if your website is lacking in this area then the chances of a high search engine position is going to be remote.

There are a few things that need to be done to any website wanting to improve on it’s rankings, yes, regular backlinks being built every month is a must but so is making sure all your web pages are optimized for your keywords.

Just as important is your content, this needs to be your own, and of course it is i’m sure. Good quality, informative and interesting original content is king as they say, and it is, the best content on the Internet is content about a particular subject that no one can find anywhere else, if people find it on your website, or blog, then they will often flock to your website and not your competitors.

Also making sure your website is mobile friendly too, this is crucial for Google, as is installing an SSL on your site so your website address changes from http to https. This became important from the 1st October 2017.

If your company website does NOT have an SSL, so your website address shows as http instead of https, then you can move your website hosting to us and get SSL for FREE!

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Our web hosting is £90 per year for a business web hosting plan giving your business 5Gig of web space and pretty much unlimited everything else, it’s carbon nuetral and is based in the UK in Manchester. To find out more about our business branding services, or any of the services we offer, please contact colin@webcentreplus.com

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Blogging: Having a blog installed on your website is a fantastic idea, you can easily add new blog posts and these can be auto added to your social network so you don’t need to login to all your social sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus and Linkedin.

Web Centre Plus provide web design and website marketing services from their base in Spalding Lincolnshire.
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