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Website marketing comes under a large umbrella and there are so many ways to improve your company website and attract more visitors.

But this is what we do, every day, re-work company website’s so that they climb up the rankings to the first page so people can find you and visit your website, and hopefully, buy what you are selling.

Yes, you could save yourself some money and do nothing and hope for the best or you could invest a little each month for backlinking and get a good listing and more visitors.

We have various packages available ranging from £75 per month to a regular £200 every two or three months, (depending on your competition).

So what do you get for this?

1. First option of £75 per month, we build 30 links per month to your site from high ranking high domain authority website’s and then every three months we also add an additional 50 .Edu and .Gov links to boost your website.

2. Second option of £200, this will be every two or three months and is quite a heavy boost to your website, it can, and has done recently, moved a website that was half way up the first page of Google for around a year to the number one spot in just a week. This does of course depend on how competitive your keyword is you are trying to rank for.

Please note, this second option is not recommended for new website’s or site’s that do not already have any backlinks.

Web Centre Plus provide web design and website marketing services from their base in Spalding Lincolnshire, they also build search engine friendly website’s for businesses with a mind for online success.

Backlinks and Why They Are Important to Your Website Marketing Strategy.

What are backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links to a web page. They are very important to search engine ratings because most search engines, including Google, have built-in algorithms that determine a web site’s trustworthiness by the number of backlinks. The more backlinks a page has the more popular it is and the more credible the information it provides is, although it’s important to remember that only good quality links will help you.

While websites that are concerned with SEO and website marketing have several techniques to improve their backlinks. While some of these techniques are “white hat” and “natural” other are considered “black hat” because they violate Google’s ToC and are labeled as “web spam”.

If you wonder how you can get natural links to your website, here are a few tricks that will get you started:
• Create valuable content: If you have high-quality content, other websites will want to link to your page. This is very simple. The content has to be exemplary and give the readers a unique information or point of view they couldn’t know in any other way. This is the main way you will get many natural incoming links that Google and other search engines will use to increase your rating.

• Guest posting: Even though guest posting can take time, it is a very good way to get quality inbound links to your website and rich new audiences at the same time. Because guest posting has so many benefits, it is very difficult to post something on a reputable website. Everybody wants to do it. Try to develop as many relationships with reputable organizations and link to their websites as well.

• Avoid bad links: You want as many backlinks as possible, but they all must be from good sources. Bad links will do more damage than good as far as search engine ratings are concerned. Examples of bad links include links from pages that have thin content, comment spams and links from websites that don’t provide anything valuable to users. I have seen people putting links on a blog page that has several hundred links already on there, do not so this, it won’t help.

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